Q. What inspired the series?

A. That’s a tough one. There isn’t just one experience or event that I can say triggered the storyline.  What got me writing on the other hand is completely contributable to my friend Shannon. She wanted to get back into writing and asked for my help brainstorming ideas for a story. What I came up with later morphed into Out of Reach. Shannon liked my idea so much she refused to ghost write it for me. So after dragging my feet and writing the first three chapters in secret, I not only outlined Out of Reach (with Shannon’s help) but what will turn into an entire series. 

Q. Where did the term Sylph come from?

A. I’m addicted the word of the day dictionary app I have on my phone. The word Sylph actually has two meanings: A slender graceful young woman, and a race of supernatural beings believed to inhabit the air. And that’s how my reinvention of Jinn/Genies was born.

Q. Does Out of Reach have a playlist or any musical influences?

A. I know many authors listen to music when they write but I almost never do. When I write I tune out the entire world, and if there happens to be music playing in the background I never hear it anyway, so why bother to turn it on is my thinking. That being said there are two songs that I related to very strongly during the writing process; Better Man by Pearl Jam, and The Promise by When in Rome. For me The Promise has kind of become the theme song for Out of Reach.

Q. How Long will the series be?

A. When I started outlining the Wander Series I wanted to try to keep it to 3 books but right now it’s looking more like it will be four. But who knows - the Wanderer’s are thousands of years old, so I’ve got a lot of history to work with!!!

Q. Are the characters based off anyone you know?

A. Not intentionally…