Wanderer Characters


Can I be Gwen?! How many times did I say this while reading Out of Reach. Once you get past that whole living a double life thing, and having unresolved feelings for your best friend, she sounds pretty kick ass right! I mean who wouldn’t want to be a driven, telekinetic, emotionally closed off, feisty, red headed Nephilim….. I know I would too! 


Think this guy’s perfect? Yeah I do too, but it’s not just his lithe, agile body, brilliant blue eyes, or those muscles that make smart girls dumb that has me drooling. His even temperament and perfect comedic timing are the perfect foil for any driven, single-minded, not always logical, short tempered red head like me. If you need a guy who’s like gravity to help keep your free spirit self grounded, then Ben’s your guy! 


The silent sentinel. Who wouldn’t want this guy watching over them when they were out for a night on the town? Better yet who wouldn’t want to be wrapped in the arms of this strong, introspective man? I think I could lose myself forever in those glowing amber eyes with his voice of velvety steel whispering in my ear.   


Is he a lethal assassin, in a gang, or just the world’s cheesiest frat guy? Hmm… all three!!! Zafir definitely has layers but they’re all wrapped around a narcissistic, over-grown teenager.  He solves his problems with his fist, has a four letter word vocabulary, and gives off that don’t mess with vibe in public. But be honest, isn’t this loyal caveman exactly who you want standing next to you when troubles a-brewing?


Prehaps the wisest of the bunch Hal's keen insite and intuition are well respected. Don't let his pretty boy exterior fool you this guy is packing a lot of life experience. Prehaps the biggest mystery to be unravled is exactly how many wives this guy has actually had.


The sexy playboy with a huge sweet tooth. Emotional and intellectual depth are not his strong suit or are they...

The Wanderer’s

Punished or pardoned? The 12 are forever doomed to wander the earth - the last line of defense for humanity against an ancient evil we aren’t even aware of.